Laura Hargis

Welcome to my page! I have been riding and working with horses nearly all my life. I started riding at the age of two with her father, but never had any formal riding instruction. I was IN LOVE with horses! When I was little, maybe 3, I wanted a pony. At the time, we didn't have much more than a back yard. When asked where I would keep said pony, I responded - The bathtub! I certainly didn't need it!

I have always had a vivid imagination, but didn't started writing until high school English class. It helped me develop some of that imagination, into stories.

Like many, I fell in love with the Friesian Horse after seeing the movie LadyHawke. It took many years, but I finally achieved my dream of owning (being owned by) a Friesian in 2009, Acapella JRB. But due to an auto accident in 2010, couldn't train or ride my dream horse. So, I learned to drive. 'Pella' and I trained for driving, even going to the CanDrive event in Canada in 2014. Driving was a lot of fun, and I could drive longer, and with less pain, than riding.

Unfortunately, Pella didn't work out. Some Friesians can be calm and patient, others are not. Pella turned out to be the latter. I made the tough decision to find her a new home.

Now I have a Clydesdale cross mare that I am training to drive. Danielle, or Dani, is calm and willing to do just about anything.

I now spends her days bonding with Dani, dealing with my day job as a Quality Engineer and writing. A Friesian Christmas is the first book in the Horsey Holiday Series, being released in October of 2016. Almost a year later, A Shetland Thanksgiving was released, and now, soon toe be released A Belgian Valentine.

Currently I call in Northern Colorado home. Along with my husband, youngest son, Dani, and my loveable Beagle, Belle, I create the stories that give horses their own holiday.