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  1. Other Stories

    I also have a story in the recently released anthology Ghost Hunting Critters

    Katori and the Demons. About a Donkey, and his human, Ahote, who hunt Demons.

    Katori has been told to go to the Argo Tunnel in Idaho Springs, Colorado. It seems the workers might be having some problems …

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  2. Recommended Authors & Books

    One of the things I LOVE about the writting community I'm in, we all help each other! Self published writers, especially, want to help anyone new to the scene. With that in mind, I have added here a list of MUST READS from other authors that I love and read …

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  3. Upcoming Books

    Here is the list of Horsey Holidays that are planned so far:

    • An Irish Draft St. Patrick's Day
    • A Percheron Memorial Day
    • A Quarter Horse 4th
    • A Mini Mardi Gras
    • An Arabian Halloween

    Do you have an idea for a "Horsey Holiday"? Let me know! You can contact me author …

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  4. Upcoming Events

    Come meet me and a few other authors at the Pepper Pod Restaurant, February 10th. We'll be there from 10am until 1pm, signing our books! Including my newest, A Belgian Valentine. I don't have any other events planned at the moment. There is a possibility that I will be at …

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